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This study aims to describe the development of a Competency-Based EAP Textbook for students of non-English department in state universities in Central Java and Yogyakarta, emphasizing on the quality of English textbook, needs analysis, process of…

This study reports a survey on the implementation of EAP in six universities: UNDIP, UNNES, UNSOED,
UGM, UNY, UNS located in Central Java, Indonesia.The objectives of this study are to see: (1) implementation of
EAP courses; (2) teaching…

This experimental research examines: (1) significant differences of corrections on grammar, sentence variety and developing details on quality of the essay by Indonesian learners; and (2) different effect of corrections on grammar, sentence variety,…

This qualitative study reports features of drafting, revising and strategies to write an English essay. The study was done in State Islamic Instute (IAIN) Surakarta, Indonesia on January to April 2015, assigning 30 students as the research subject. …
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